Dubonnet Rouge

750ml Bottle

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    Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
    19% Alcohol
    Product Description

    From its origins with the French Foreign Legion to the legions of modern mixologists still using it today, Dubonnet Rouge Grand Aperitif Wine has been a staple on the cocktail landscape since its introduction in 1846. Dubonnet's mix of fortified wine, a proprietary blend of herbs, spices, and peels, and the medicinal quinine is a recipe that has legendary status. This Red Vermouth Wine has cherry, mint, and walnut aromas, with notes of lemon zest, cardamom, and toffee. It offers flavors of orange, nuts, chocolate, and coffee and finishes relatively sweet, with lemon and herb notes. Its 19% alcohol by volume ensures a refreshing drink in the summertime, while its port-like flavors promise a hint of holiday in the winter months. Enjoy!